Part 1.

(a) Please write down the name and accession number of your interested protein.

     (accession number have to link to its record in  GenBank. For example, Human p53 cellular tumor antigen mRNA, M14695)

(b) Check your interested protein in PDB and write down its PDB ID.

     If the protein structure of your interested protein is not available in PDB. Please use any protein to replace it but mention with "My 

     interested protein structure is not available in PDB".

(c) Make the 3D structure "animation" of protein (b).

     Please use the example of 3D plugin instruction listed in the bioinfo homepage to put the 3D structure animation of your interested

     protein in your homework.

(d) Make "print screen picture" to show the "angle measurement" of protein (b).


Part 2.

(a) Please use the tools listed in the ExPASy to answer the following question. You should be remember to list the tool name and provide the hyperlink for it.

     (i) The MW, PI of your interested protein as mentioned in previous homework.

     (ii) Test the possibility of trans-membrane protein for your interested protein as described in (a).

(b) Input the sequence or name of your interested protein into the window of Pfam Then, show the result.