1. Register your own MyNCBI. [顯示如何註冊]
2. Translate your interested term by on-line tools. (e.g., google, Dr. eye) [Ex. 口腔癌 = oral cancer]
3. Type your interested term(s) to PubMed. [Ex. oral cancer, gene, 2007]
4. Show the image of your own MyNCBI. [顯示你有MyNCBI的畫面即可]

5. Write the name of your interested gene and disease with the reference of pubmed record.

[ex. P53, Oral cancer, Reference: Association of p53 and p21(CDKN1A/WAF1/CIP1) polymorphisms with oral cancer in Taiwan patients. Anticancer Res. 2007 May-Jun;27(3B):1559-64. PMID: 17595776