Q1: Please find the DNA sequence of your interested gene as mentioned in homework2 using "Gene" or "nucleotide" in NCBI. Then, answer the following questions.

(1) Please type the accession number for GenBank of your interested gene.

(2) Cope part of the sequence of your interested gene to perform the blastn, tblastn, and tblastx.

(3) Compare the result of  blastn, tblastn, and tblastx as found in (2) and give a comment for your finding.

Q2:  Please use the goggle to find the Genus name of your interested species and perform the Taxobrower in NCBI.

(Please try to make your answer easy to use and follow by BLAST non- experienced user. Any kinds of demonstrations is welcome. Hint: Try to use homepage skill to make it. Some pictures should be cut to reduce the space and memory of website.)

Q3:  Please input the primer sequences of your interested gene and perform the ePCR in UCSC Genome Browser to predict the PCR length. (Hint: You have to select the correct "genome" before performing ePCR; If paper address the mRNA expression, please select the UCSC gene for mRNA seqeunce; If the paper mention about the genome, please select the Genome assembly for genomic sequence.)